Why are my photos not being displayed on the facebook homepage when I share them?

Answer maby you should email them or try refresh your page

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Is it illegal to share photos of someone on MSN/Yahoo without them knowing?

Not usually. Photographs belong to the photographer not the subject.It would be good to ask the persons permission before you go plasterng their picture all over the internet - but that depends on ... Read More »

Is it true that pages doing 'share for shares' will put them in danger of the page being unpublished?

I assume they only block you from posting for up to 2 days, just like what it said here:

Is it illegal for a facebook user to steal photos of another facebook user and shamelessly used them?

surly when ppl put pics of themself online there putting them out there at their own risk...

How can i make Google's homepage appear as a homepage when i open another tab?

Tools>Internet Options>Tab "Settings">Check "Open Home Page for new tabs instead of blank page"