Why are people so obsessed with facebook?

Answer Or maybe she talks to people in real life, 'Love ... Michelle'.And no I am not missing facebook. *rolls eyes*

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Why are people obsessed with facebook?

I really don't know why people (particularly teenagers ) are so obsessed. My teenager is on it within 5 minutes of getting home from school - where she has spent the day with the very friends she i... Read More »

Is Facebook really that good and why are people so obsessed with it?

Yes I deleted and deactivated my account about 6 months ago! I've found since I've stopped using it I spend more time communicating with my friends in a far more healthy way i.e. in private over th... Read More »


Heyy. Hahaha. Everything yuou said is true.I havent used facebook in a while and I now realise that you get ALOT more homework done haha (:Some of the reasons people lovvvvve facebook are- * they l... Read More »

Why does the UK government seem obsessed with taking people's savings?

because they're greedy rich people. It's how the world works sadly. If you earn sh!t loads and spend it... thats fine ... but if you don't earn much and save up for ages then you get punished!*whip... Read More »