Why are people so obsessed with facebook?

Answer Or maybe she talks to people in real life, 'Love ... Michelle'.And no I am not missing facebook. *rolls eyes*

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Why are people obsessed with facebook?

I really don't know why people (particularly teenagers ) are so obsessed. My teenager is on it within 5 minutes of getting home from school - where she has spent the day with the very friends she i... Read More »

Is Facebook really that good and why are people so obsessed with it?

Yes I deleted and deactivated my account about 6 months ago! I've found since I've stopped using it I spend more time communicating with my friends in a far more healthy way i.e. in private over th... Read More »


Heyy. Hahaha. Everything yuou said is true.I havent used facebook in a while and I now realise that you get ALOT more homework done haha (:Some of the reasons people lovvvvve facebook are- * they l... Read More »

What's with the everyday normal people on facebook that have like tons of 'followers' on facebook?

idk, he looks like a loser, but it isnt surprising since there is a website that automatically gets you followers.