Why are sites social networking sites like facebook and twittter so popular is this a good or bad thing?

Answer Social networking sites are popular because they appeal to everyone.The difference between them and the 'gaming' websites you talk about are that the gaming sites NARROW their target audience! It a... Read More »

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What do you like/dislike about social networking sites such as MySpace and Facebook?

Depends on your age, I think.MySpace seems much more juvenile - frankly, it gives me a migraine to look at most people's pages. Also, you have to be prepared to hear music blasting at you when you... Read More »

What good social networking sites are there that are not banned at schools?

BetterMember social NetworkIt has message boards, live chat, and a archade with 83 online games

What are some good social networking sites for 15 year olds. Apart from Bebo and Myspace?


On social media, social networking sites, what is the correct way to add people?