Why are some of my E-mails taking HOURS to come through?

Answer from what i know B.T. has excellent service,…gotcha!

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My computer is so slow, its taking hours to do something that should be done in minutes.?

I am pretty sure you have spyware running burning up cpu. This happened to me before.Hit control alt delete and see what all is running - see "too many" programs that you don't recognize? Go to a... Read More »

I am getting e-mails regarding winning of lottery of huge amount from UK. is it these mails are belivable?

You shouldn't open unsolicted email from unknown sources. Often what happens is that when you open up spam, it sends back a trigger to the originating source indicating that a valid email address h... Read More »

Can i change wages hours of work when taking ove a new buisness?

As the owner, you should be able to adjust the pay scale and work schedule with impunity. The only labor related issue would be "are there any union contracts that I will have to abide by". As an... Read More »

Employer is taking on staff but wont let me do the hours advertised cos says cant cover my shift, wot cn i do?

Yes, you can move to a company who will allow you to work what shifts you like, when you like. Good luck with finding one.