Why are the photos that I am tagged in not showing up in my “Photos and Videos of You” section?

Answer It will not appear in your album my any mean. It will only appear in the photos tab.

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Is there a way to hide photos I am in tagged in from a specific person, but not wall posts that I am tagged in?

Hi Shawn,You can untag yourself manually. You can also block that person.

Are there any photo printing sites that let you use photos that you are tagged in on Facebook?

Doubtful, since they aren't your photos they are just photos that you are in.Try saving the pictures to your computer and print them from there.

Good sites to go on for adult photos/videos that aren't blocked?

Why don't you just get away from your computer, go out into the big wide world and socialise with real live breathing young maidens of the fairer sex. Not only will you have more fun into the barga... Read More »

How do I delete photos I am tagged in on Facebook?

I feel your pain. For some reason people don't consider if you like the photo or want it to be made public.Thing is, you can't delete it. Only they can, but you can untag yourself by going into the... Read More »