Why are uninstalled programs still there?

Answer Technically no they don't...A system restore works by taking literal "screen shots" of your pc and remembering what was present at the time. It measures the request to any recent changes and matche... Read More »

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If after you have uninstalled Limewire and other similar programs, are all traces of them gone?

You cant completely remove it. If you don't want it on your computer you can uninstall it, and get rid of all the music or movies you have downloaded on your computer, make a backup of them to save... Read More »

Why do my spyware scans take longer and longer even though i have uninstalled loads of programs and many files?

hello there! eventhough you uninstalled some of your programs, anti spyware software will still take a longer time in scanning. its because, it doesn't only scan files, but also registry keys on yo... Read More »

My "Add and remove programs" in my xp pro control panel only shows 3 programs yet I have over 30, why ?

Try using restore point. Like 1 week ago then check again if they are still missing. I had a problem like that but with only one program. But it so happened it was a bad one. Anyway, just try it!

PricePeep wont go away even though i have uninstalled it!!!!!!!!?

Download 'ccleaner', go to uninstall applications and then auto run, find it in the list, disable it