Why are women posting inches as their facebook status and then a :-(?

Answer I'll just let you into a little secret.. This is what I got forwarded.. Hello Girlies... day 3 of the 'breast cancer game' thanx to those who have played along. Today all day I want you to put the... Read More »

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Why are girls posting 'Black Ops' as their Facebook status?

Their tribute to the game. Then they go back to girl stuff.

Am I weird for not posting status on my Facebook?

lol not at all ...the people who post every 5mins. are the freaks!

What does facebook status "9 inches :(" mean?

I am gonna let you into a little secret..........the girls are doing this, including myself to support breast cancer for women.People from breast cancer have sent females messages to write there sh... Read More »

Why are girls putting inches are their statuses on facebook today?

it is another of those breast cancer awareness things, like the bra's peoples foot length in inches, they've been told to put a sad face at the end. It's meant to get people guessing or m... Read More »