Why are you always on the computer?

Answer I am on it a lot at work because it is my job (cost accountant and network administrator).I am on it a lot at home for e-mail, answers, news, IM and such.

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My computer has a wireless connection to it but it always gives me 3 bars on my computer but i want full bars?

Any building construction will absorb wireless signals.You'll just have to move the router nearer or get a wi-firange extender.

Why does sex ads always pop up on my computer?

Maybe virus's or malware, run a virus check with a quality antivirus software. Or maybe its the website you are visiting? A lot of websites use advertising and popups to make their money. Make sure... Read More »

Why is my computer always so loud?

Kicking it and shouting "shut up" should work. Failing that switch it off and i think you will find it makes no noise at all.

My computer is always freezing and slow?

Check http://www.pc-optimizer-pro.comWith pc optimizer pro you can safely clean, repair and optimize your computer.It will help improve your system performance without expensive hardware upgrades.G... Read More »