Why cant I change the privicy settings on my pictures?

Answer with this albums, you have to set them up individually for each picture

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How can i change my screen resolution when i go into my display settings it is set to low but i cant change it?

if xp doesn't allow you to change it is because your graphics adaptor doesn't support deeper resolutions.

How to fix privicy settings of facebook. Only friends of friends can add me?

Your friends have friends. Those are who they are referring to. It means your friends and the friends of your friends can see this thing.

How can I change settings so that I can have my application settings and stuff from C: to my External HDD?

I dont know if there are any programs that will do this for you, but you can manually do it (not to all applications tho). I wouldnt recommend this, as you will need to modify alot of the registry... Read More »

I cant change my screen resolution its set on default and i cant change it?

Make sure the correct driver for your video card is installed.Right now your PC is probably using the standard VGA driver that comes with Windows.This is usually what causes this problem.regards,Ph... Read More »