Why cant I get onto facebook tonight.Is there a problem?

Answer It's a popular site so theres probably so many users on already that it just gets slow. The site could also be "under construction" and not available for use for a while.

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Why are my friends on Facebook it some kind of a Facebook problem?

are all of your facebook friends genuine friends or just added through games such as farmville?if so,then you can never count on them to remain friends forever just like that.otherwise,some might h... Read More »

Problem with Facebook!!?

She has either deleted her Facebook or blocked you.

Facebook problem! HELP ME!!!?

try the I forgot my password button. That should send the password to you email. Then you can use that password to log in to the existing account to see whose it is. If it isn't yours, report it.

Facebook problem, please help?

Try and restore your ipod if everything is backed up it wont take long, and it might solve this problem :)