Why can't I open my facebook account?

Answer There is currently a problem with one of the Facebook Servers. I haven't been able to log in for 4 days and receive the same message, along with many other people who are on that server. Click the ... Read More »

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How Long Until You Can Re-Open Your Disabled Facebook Account?

With more than 500 million active users, Facebook has an extremely wide range of content displayed on its site at any time. At times, Facebook may deem this content inappropriate or unsafe and choo... Read More »

If I open a bank account in another country and get my wadges payed into that account do i have to pay taxes?

No, you can't get away with it. Your employer is obliged by law to operate PAYE, wherever money is banked.The only way you could get wages gross would be to become a citizen of the USA, and live th... Read More »

I have no bank account and I cannot open one.. can i get paid from my work in to my brothers account?

I'm a US citizen. I want to open an account in the UK. My question is where to open it.?

What do you mean by where? Is that which bank?First Direct is good (part of HSBC group) very good online banking and so is Lloyds TSB, also good secure online access. I find First Direct really g... Read More »