Why can't I see photos my friend uploaded but everyone else can?

Answer The photos like everyone but do not like you!

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Why can my friend and I not see the photos we are tagged in from another friend, but everyone else can?

maybe the person who has uploaded the photo may not want you to see the photo...... He must have set the phot's setting to not be viewed from your ID. Please get the photo downloaded from your frie... Read More »

How can I make my photos in Flickr to be seen by everyone but they cannot download the photos ...?

If you go to your account you can edit the settings on who can see/download your pictures. Just click on the privacy & permissions tab & the first setting you can change should be "Who can download... Read More »

Help I cant get my video uploaded on youtube?

I have a channel on YouTube. Last night I attempted ti upload a video and it gave me an error every time. I tried using Firefox and Internet Explorer with no luck. Just for kicks I tried using the ... Read More »

I can't find the photos i just uploaded onto my computer?

In addition to Mike's insightful answer it would also help to click on "modified" after the search is done. You could also click on Date. This will bring the newest to the top.