Why can't I see photos my friend uploaded but everyone else can?

Answer The photos like everyone but do not like you!

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I can't find the photos i just uploaded onto my computer?

In addition to Mike's insightful answer it would also help to click on "modified" after the search is done. You could also click on Date. This will bring the newest to the top.

Where will all the photos being uploaded to Flickr be in 100 years time?

Nobody can possibly predict an answer to a question like that.Anything can happen in a 100 years.The server that they are all on could be totally destroyed by fire,earthquake, blown up by servients... Read More »

Friend disliking videos uploaded after this one video?

Lets be very Frank1. There are more then 490 Million Users

Uploaded 7 pictures to Flickr and run out of space already! When my friend can upload hundreds.?

Flickr only allows you to upload 100mb worth of photos a month. If you are using a better camera than your friend your photos are probably much larger than hers. Also, if you are editing the imag... Read More »