Why can't cats type?

Answer mine has a good go, she is always steppin on my keyboard..perhaps I should go and feed her!

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I try to type a comment in the box on youtube and i cant'!?

Hotmail I Cant Type Anything In My Email?

That's a bit extreme, gordie - have you tried logging out, and logging in again? yes i have I need to send a lot of emails what the f is going on ??? Could you try writing your mails in Word and th... Read More »

I cant type the symbol at, all that comes up is ", please help?

Go to control panl and select regional options. Your keyboard is probably mapped to US. Just change it to English UK from there.

Cant find the lengh of the caravan curtains cant get to it ,its a willerby granada 1998 the firm cant help can?

Hi LYNN this is an impossible question to answer really as we don't know either. why is it an issue you have to just to go and do it when the caravan arrives if it is needed.