Why cant i backup my files?

Answer Ok the typical CD is going to be about 700mb. You would have to split your backups about 680mb portions..But to be honest.. CD is not the best way to go for backupsA flash drive that you can store... Read More »

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How Do You Backup Files on Computer?

Imagine the scene: it's 6pm and you have just sat down in front of the telly. You've got your tea and you're ready to watch the news. As you do so, the first story - something boring about politics... Read More »

Is it possible to copy backup files to another drive?

You need to copy the updated backup files all the time. So answer is yes but make sure you copy time by time.Thanks.

Backup files on windows 7 before factory resetting?

A lot of the recovery consoles distributed by the manufacturer's give you the ability to leave the files on the HDD while recovering. Once the PC is restored, they will be located in the user prof... Read More »

What is the best online storage/backup service for all files?

DropBox is very good. It's also great for syncing your files across many computers or devices.