Why cant i connect to wirless from my laptop but i can from my wii and phone?

Answer They will have a thing called a network security code if they have this written down or remember it they can add u to their wirless from your phone

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Internet will not connect to laptop, but will connect to phone?

There are some solutions to this problem:1. Reset the router.2: Try turning the computer off and on3. Depending on what laptop you have, there might be a button somewhere that enables you to reset ... Read More »

How Can I Connect My Laptop to a Phone Line if There Is No Outlet on the Laptop?

Not all newer model laptops come equipped with a built-in phone jack. This is a problem if you subscribe to dial-up Internet service. A laptop has to have a fax modem to connect to dial-up Internet... Read More »

My laptop bluetooth won't connect to my phone?

My phone wont connect to my laptop?

use the software that came with the phone or go to the phone website eg: nokia and download the software