Why cant i connect to wirless from my laptop but i can from my wii and phone?

Answer They will have a thing called a network security code if they have this written down or remember it they can add u to their wirless from your phone

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Downloaded torrent from laptop to htc phone, needs 1.40gb to download from the internet, unbiled balance risin?

Why don't you use a WiFi connetion instead :)

How connect from mobile to laptop by using bluetooth for internet browsing (nokia 5130,hp laptop)?

Use the Nokia PC Suite, the old one, not the Nokia Ovi Suite. From there you connect your phone to the PC using bluetooth and select "Connect to the internet" on the Nokia PC Suite.

How do i connect xbox up to laptop to watch films from laptop?

First off your laptop has to have Windows Media Center installed to do this.Have your laptop on, sign on to your xbox and sign into xbox live.Look for an indicator to show up on your taskbar of you... Read More »

X11vnc with kubuntu- connect from phone?

VNC does NOT have a normal download facility. So you would need to risk making the machine open for sharing to the Internet. and you will have a few problems. First your public IP address at home w... Read More »