Why cant i log in to facebook?

Answer Hah - I've got the exact same problem - I thought it was me.Nice of them to tell us don't you think.At least I know now I don't have to scramble my brains (I'm getting on a bit) trying to sort it o... Read More »

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Cant find the lengh of the caravan curtains cant get to it ,its a willerby granada 1998 the firm cant help can?

Hi LYNN this is an impossible question to answer really as we don't know either. why is it an issue you have to just to go and do it when the caravan arrives if it is needed.

I cant log on to facebook?

It sounds like you have a browser add on which is trying to trick you into installing McAfee. I would advise going to Internet options, and then Add Ons and disable anything you are not familiar with.

I cant log out of facebook?

your account details and pass must have been got saved in your browser. Clear all your cookies and cache

Cant get on to facebook?

Its maybe down atm or updating. ?