Why can't the average internet user spell correctly?

Answer Pure laziness, nothing more, nothing less. Wouldn't have happen when I was at school over 60 years ago that I can tell you!

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Why can't people spell correctly on here?

its a sausage fingers thing. i have them and they are a nightmarei would not put my photo on the site with a face like yours. hey we all have problems.

Why can't you people spell or write correctly?

Amen to that. I agree totally, gets sickening each day seeing all the people that cant spell or even use grammar correctly.

What's that word you can't spell correctly all the time?

It's also spelled jewelry. Just think jewel (like a gem) and add ry. I always look twice at that one when I write it. Mine is withdrawal. It never looks right to me. I'm always tempted to leave out... Read More »

Whats a word you understand but cant spell?

Spell checker has REALLY improved my spelling! Seeing the little squiggly red line makes me work on it until it's correct. Some words I *used* to misspell: accidentally (accidently); incidentally (... Read More »