Why can't they make wi-fi free to all?

Answer Somebody has to pay for all that equipment, power, ISP service, people. Wi-Fi is never really given away for free. It's either sponsored by advertising, used as a draw to get you into a business (l... Read More »

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If i was take over a lease for a pub for someone and they cant make payments am i liable?

Same answer as we have given you earlier. There are business people on here who spend their spare time helping out people. We do know what we are talking about, so you should take notice. I myself ... Read More »

They said they would throw it in for free and now they want me to pay for it where do i stand?

It sounds as though the salesperson has sized you up as a mug.Tell them,in no uncertain terms,that they will be sued for misrepresentation,amongst other things,You must get a solicitor on this,they... Read More »

I am being offered jobs i dont want to take them surely they cant make me?

Yeah wot about "the right not to work" there are too many of those " right to work brigade around" Soon they will have you working till you drop, Good luck!

Can they sack me if they cant prove it was me?

if your account has been hacked before, that should have told you to cancel the account and establish anotherif they have traced it to you, and it is registered to you you are the responsible perso... Read More »