Why did i get banned from adding someone i don't know on Facebook?

Answer Facebook was created to link friends and new people with whom you can be friends.if someone reports you,Facebook has been programed to take a certain action The main reason is that the people who i... Read More »

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Anyone have any habbo accounts they dont use Please I wont ban I swear. I got banned and need a new one.? link, be quick before someone else takes it!

My Mum keeps adding me on facebook?

I know what you mean. I'm also 13, but I don't have a Facebook. I've heard of other Moms " Stalking" Their kid and friends on Facebook. It's weird, I know. Just have an upright conversation with he... Read More »

Adding friends to facebook?

It doesn't matter who asks for the friendship - whether you ask or accept you are still adding a friend! So yes you would.

Adding friends on facebook?

you dont have any friends...LONER. maybe its coz your a noob.