Why did i get banned from adding someone i don't know on Facebook?

Answer Facebook was created to link friends and new people with whom you can be friends.if someone reports you,Facebook has been programed to take a certain action The main reason is that the people who i... Read More »

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I've been banned from sending requests to people I don't know on facebook...?

That's because as illustrated by all your other questions, you hopelessly stalk people on fb, sending them multiple messages. They don't get back with you, and you refuse to take the hint.FB is sm... Read More »

. I received this email from someone i dont even know. . plz. tell me what should i do?

it's a scam. DO NOT reply. delete immediately.If you give them your bank details, they would be able to empty your bank account. That is the real purpose of such things, to get your bank details.

How do you know when someone has been blocked from facebook?

Easiest way to find out is to search their name on a friend you know has them on facebooks friend list and if the name doesn't appear they blocked you

Received a cheque today from someone i dont know for £900. No letter, cheque addressed to me.. what to do?

In Ireland, cheques don't usually have the person's address as well as name and account number. I expect it is the same in UKGo to a branch of the bank that this cheque was drawn on, and ask them ... Read More »