Why did i lose my connection?

Answer You can lose your internet connection randomly. It doesn't mean that someone is trying to break into you system. It just happens. If it happens often. ask your ISP. Just keep your connection passwo... Read More »

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Why do I randomly lose my internet connection?

Well it could be your computer, it may be disconnecting from a virus. Try using a virus scanner to fix that. I recommend Antivirus spyware.It could also be that your router is being DDOS the only w... Read More »

Why do i lose connection most of the times on my laptop?

When you are connected is your signal strength low?If it is wireless G, you may have interference that is causing this. Interference can be from a Microwave or Phones or ...I would start here.

Why do i lose my wireless internet connection on my lap top?

I had the same problem and went so far as to buy a new wireless unit, but the problem persisted even with the new one. After several service calls to the manufacturer the problem was finally solve... Read More »

Why does my laptop contialy lose connection to wifi?

The asus is an excellent router - I have one. Here are some tips to solve your problemYou may be getting interference from neighbouring wireless signals.1)Change the broadcast channel on the router... Read More »