Why did my crush unfriend me on Facebook?

Answer Just ignore him in real life

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How do i unfriend someone on facebook?

log in,click on the friends link on the left sideon the friends page, there will be an "edit friends" button at the top center - click thatclick on any X to delete the friend

How to "unfriend" someone on Facebook?

Go onto their profile and scroll down on the left hand side near the bottom i think below the friend list, there is a place where u can select remove friend:)

How do you unfriend someone on facebook?

Go on their profile, underneath their cover photo it will say friend. Click on friend and then click unfriend x

How do I unfriend people on Facebook?

U have to go on thire profile n if they have time line they should we a box that says friend in click on that then a drop down menu will appear at the bottom of the list it will i say unfriend