Why do Apple fanboys get so hot under the collar about Microsoft when moaning about PCs?

Answer It's usually some sort of loyalty thing, I think. It's like asking "why do people get so hot under the collar when arguing about which sports team is better?" or "why do people get so charged up w... Read More »

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Why are people always moaning about spelling and grammer on here?

i know its stupid!if we want to type how we type then **** them!i left school long ago and i dont need to be told off now!!if they dont like it maybe they should go to an old farts website and spel... Read More »

Why does the U.K have the highest fuel tax about 73% when it's only about 23% in the USA?

Because The UK has a socialist economy. Taxation is how the programs are paid for. The USA has a capitalist economy and has fewer programs to pay for.

When people talk about ozmosis on a boat what are they talking about?

Well its simple osmosis is the net movement of water through a selective permeable membrane from a region of low solute potential to a region of high solute potential (or equivalently, from a regio... Read More »

What do you think about some people on benefits getting about £30,000 when they claim for everything?

Please do not get me started on this one, benefit scroungers are my biggest pet hate. I don't even earn anywhere near 30 grand a year and I work 55 hours a week, 6 days a week. It really gets my bl... Read More »