Why do I hate seeing photographs of my ex girlfriend appear on Facebook?

Answer Then why look at them then if it get you that worked up about it?Your the one who cheated and your the one who broke it up.Get over it and grow a pair before you burst a blood vessel. She has becau... Read More »

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Should I tell my girlfriend that I hate the tattoo she's going to get?

If it was me I'd appreciate that you told me you disliked it, however the fact you'll still support her decision and will get over it is really endearing. Tell her you don't like the style/design, ... Read More »

Should people have their old girlfriend and new girlfriend as friends on facebook?

It depends on how secure the person is in their relationship. If you trust him and he trusts you, or whoever this applies to, it shouldn't be an issue but if you are the jealous type and kind of in... Read More »

Are the photographs on someone's facebook page the most talked to?

I think they're randomly selected from that persons friends list.

If i delete a photo album from Facebook would it delete the photographs inside?

yes.. Just like when you're deleting a folder on your computer. If you just like to delete the album but not the photos, you might want to back up your photos first.