Why do I have roly pollies in my house?

Answer Roly pollies, cheesy bugs, monkey peas, pill bugs and sink-lice are all common names for woodlice. Woodlice are arthropods, specifically crustaceans and so are more closely related to prawns and cr... Read More »

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How to Get Rid of Rolly-Pollies?

Rolly-pollies, also known as pill bugs, are small purplish-grey creatures that roll into a ball when they feel threatened. They are crustaceans, more closely related to lobsters and crabs than to i... Read More »

How to Kill a Roly Poly?

Roly poly are members of the crustacean family. The proper name for the roly poly bug is the pillbug, an arthropod with an exoskeleton and jointed appendages. These pests are generally not harmful ... Read More »

How to Make Jam Roly Poly?

Jam roly poly is made from suet pastry dough, melted unsalted butter, thick strawberry jam and custard sauce. A large heavy pot is filled with water and metal cookie cutters or egg poaching rings ... Read More »

A mortgage finances for a house. But the loan's secured by your house. Which house..?

It is, generally, the house for the purchase of which the mortgage has been granted which acts as security for the loan. However, it would be possible to get a mortgage on the home you are living i... Read More »