Why do I have to log in every time I go on facebook?

Answer There should be a tick box next to the username and password boxes saying something like 'keep me logged in'.

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I have spybot and every time i do a scan it lists winantivirus as a problem,this happens every time i scan?

Winantivirus is a scam, not a antivirus program.First try to remove it from ad/remove in control panel.Then try a online antivirus scanner and a online anti-adware/malware/spyware scanner in safe m... Read More »

Why do I have to set the time every time when I turn on the computer?

It sounds like your CMOS battery may not be working properly. You can buy a replacement.

Dose everyone check thir facebook every time they log on.?

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How can I get Facebook to stop emailing me every time someone writes on my wall?

Go to your profile and under "your wall" it should have a tab that say can get them to stop emailing you that way and at the top of the right hand screen in your account settings it ... Read More »