Why do I have to pay 29.25 for only Broadband , please help!!!?

Answer You need to ring virgin and threaten to leave them. Or switch to another provider with a better offer with talk talk you can get broadband and phone line for under £20 a month - however there cust... Read More »

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I have an interview at H&M and the lady thinks I have a year experience when I have only 6 weeks Please help?

I think you should come clean and say you've only worked for 6 weeks, this on its own will add a brawny point to you and it will be appreciated being honest and all.

Please suggest how to put a clasped hoop earring..i have only one streched ear..pls help for the other one?

Well, the first step is to write in English...

Can you have wireless broadband at home if you only have a laptop and not a desktop?

What jobs involve science please help. (uk only please).?

I apologize for not being UK and I will push the interesting button because the question has me thinking. I think it is a trick question meant to fool you and get you thinking. It is hard to think ... Read More »