Why do I keep getting lower than expected download speeds?

Answer Hi,you are correct in thinking it's your wi-fi connection that is slow, as i had the same problem.all you need is a pair of these TP-Link adapters then use it to connect to your hub using your "Mai... Read More »

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Why is my PC (which is running Vista) getting extremely low download speeds What could be the cause?

Computers are very versitial and perform a lot of tasks but they need to be maintained on a monthy basic.Right click on C drive/run disc cleanup>Then TOOLS> disc scanner (REBOOT COMPUTER) Then run ... Read More »

Are there any lower level VBA qualifications than MCSD that are worth getting?

I would have thought that MCSD WAS the minimum :-)

I keep getting update notices from Java but it is safe to download them?

The latest versions are normally pretty safe and you will normally require it for various applications to run, but it is also necessary to uninstall any older versions that may still be on your PC;... Read More »

Can i download music free from anywhere other than lime wire that are safe to use without getting viruses ?

Yes. is a sophisticated search engine for finding music for direct-download. No viruses possible.