Why do I randomly lose my internet connection?

Answer Well it could be your computer, it may be disconnecting from a virus. Try using a virus scanner to fix that. I recommend Antivirus spyware.It could also be that your router is being DDOS the only w... Read More »

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I have a Wireless router, why does the internet connection randomly leave?

it might be a firewall on the router, check out it gives good info on this stuff and how to fix it.

Why do i lose my wireless internet connection on my lap top?

I had the same problem and went so far as to buy a new wireless unit, but the problem persisted even with the new one. After several service calls to the manufacturer the problem was finally solve... Read More »

Why does my car lose power and jolt randomly?

Hi apart from the first answer you need to take it as read that a car of this age now becomes something that will always need to have money spent on it. a regular money pit.a 14-15 year old small c... Read More »

DNS Connection Randomly Goes Down?

You're STILL mixing up DNS (mapping computer names to addresses) with DSL (providing broadband connectivity to your house). Go read - and act upon - the suggestions people made last time you posted... Read More »