Why do computers slow down over time!?

Answer Just like humans, they age and slow down,

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Would having 2 computers connected wireless to a router slow down the other computers connection and speed?

We did the same thing you are doing! I have a computer in my room with a wireless card on my computer. My parents have the wireless router in their room. The only reason the internet would be slow ... Read More »

What causes computers to slow down over the years?

If your talking why does your computer slow up after you have it for a few years, It's alot of junk that is collected and changed as the years go on. There are all kinds of expensive programs avail... Read More »

Instead of saving time do computers actually waste time?

They save time.. phenomenally.If they didn't save time, no one would use them.Remember, computers weren't developed with facebook, ebay, msn or other internet based items in mind.Think microsoft of... Read More »

Why does every one of my computers go VERY slow after about two months of usage?

To fix a slow computer you can go to .Download reg clean for free.It can clean your computer and restore your system to optimum performance.It works very well for me... Read More »