Why do girls take group pictures of their feet/ shoes and put it on facebook?

Answer Lol , im a girl I don't do that but my SIS, not really sure y but she thinks it looks cool

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How do girls always take them really good profile pictures of them self for facebook?

someone else takes them?they're using a laptop with a cam?

What do you think of girls who put pictures of themselves like these on their facebook/bebo/myspace?

Depends really on what context the picture is. If its in with a bunch of holiday snaps then fair enough but if its just there then that's a bit attentions seeking.♥ღ♥

Are girls feet more sensitive than mens feet?

Different people feet are different mostly through use rather than gender, for example someone who is often barefoot might have less sensitive feet. As far as foot fetishes, the part of the brain i... Read More »

If you are an admin of a facebook group, can you view all the group members profiles?