Why do i keep on getting Error on page?

Answer Try turning your modem (& router if you have one) and computer off, then turn them back on and try it.

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How can i fix page error ?

Had a similar problem on page error, tried everything, couldn't get rid of it, in the end i reformatted, that cured it, its just one of those quirks of PCs.

Error in my facebook page?

I had the same problem, and when I saw that everyone had the same problem I had to reset my panic mode button and use my head......So I went to Tools, (Clear Recent History) and clicked on (clear n... Read More »

SEO Will dead pages with no 404 error page get penalised?

As you are changing the URL of your website, you should do the 301 redirection for the old URLs to new URLs. For example if one URL address was something like Read More »

Why can't i "confirm friend request" on facebook it keeps saying "error on page" when i click on it?

i have this problem from time to time, its facebook that is at fault not ur computer, just give it a few hours and go back to it, if it still like this in the next day or so, then i suggest u goto ... Read More »