Why do kids think they look good when they pull silly faces then upload the pictures to Facebook?

Answer Give them a break. Let them enjoy it while they're still young. You only get to live that stage once. If you don't seem to like it then go on your own and just act yourself.

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I hate seeing girls who think they look good wearing a bucket of makeup on their faces?

This is one of my PET PEEVES! Everyone is beautiful in their own way,and they don't need a pound of make-up sitting on their faces. In the end, it will ruin their skin, cause acne, and clog pores. ... Read More »

Why do people drive with their fog lights on when its not foggy,cause if they think they look cool they don't?

Simple answer to a simple question. They are so ignorant and inattentive that they forget where the switch is and fail to notice the warning lamp on their dash. Such incompetents should be prosecut... Read More »

Why do girls/ women want tattoos They look cheap now, what will they look like when they get old?

Do Girls with fake tan/orange faces really think they look hotter than just being "naturally white"?

Thank you!I'm pale to the point where I glow lol, and sometimes feel out of place when there's so many tanned people on a sunny day. But then I just think I can't change, and would rather look natu... Read More »