Why do my internet pages flick?

Answer Your video card perhaps?Have a read of this…

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Laptops slow loading internet pages?

There could be many reasons but I am going to suggest something you have already tried but a different methoduse and scan your computer again. No internet security prog... Read More »

Internet explorer won't load my pages?

Hi AllTime,You may download and run the Microsoft’s fixits from the links mentioned below.To reset Internet Explorer, click To make Internet Explorer fast, safe and stable, c... Read More »

99% of the pages on the internet will not adjust to fit my widesgreen monitor,why?

Web pages are not designed to be viewed on any one screen size. If a webmaster designed his page to be viewed on your wide-screen. Then other visitors with smaller screens would be forced to scroll... Read More »

How can i get the writing on internet pages larger, some are very small?

Go to the *Options* menu in your Browser and change the Text size.:-)