Why do people deliberately give virus' to peoples computers?

Answer Same reason as people kick in doors, break windows and steal.Messed up folks who like to mess up other lives.

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Am i naive , why do people put viruses into other peoples computers?

I have a theory about this...First of all, there are those who create viruses to attack a former company or competitor. Some are just punks wanting to cause havok. Some viruses may even be "mini"... Read More »

Why do people invent viruses/worms etc and infect other peoples computers What's the point?

nerds with time who want to feel special because they are sad loosers

What do you think about people who scratch other people's car deliberately?

I am VERY careful not to scratch or dent my car, or anyone elses car. I always park with enough room to let others get into, or out of their cars. I even am sure to leave enough foom for someone ... Read More »

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