Why do people feel the need to share every last detail of their life on Facebook?

Answer Beats me. I've got one acquaintance that posts a picture of her lunch - every day.

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I feel Facebook's taking over my life, I need a hobby?

Knitting, learning a new language, maybe even working out at home. Whatever it is, it should be something that could better your life, instead of the social networking this day and age.

People have something missing in their life's if they feel the need to get a tattoo - agree or disagree?

I absolutely disagree.I have to wonder if there is not something missing in your life if these are the things you think about. What does it matter to you what anyone else does to their body?Edit: ... Read More »

How does it make you feel if someone is friendly to you in real life, but wont add you on Facebook?

I wouldn't take it to heart, some people feel more comfortable with a work only type relationship. Depending on how long you've worked together, she may just not feel comfortable with inviting you... Read More »

How do you feel about people who cut you off from Facebook?

Thats sounds reasonable to have those feelings. Facebook causes more trouble than what its worth.