Why do people have over 100 friends on facebook ?

Answer Depends on what you would consider to be a friend ??To me a friend is someone i can trust. I really only have three good friends, one being my brother - and trust me when i say one good friend is ... Read More »

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Do you have any famous people as friends on Facebook?

i am fans of a couple people, and also friends with a few pro basketball and football players. i no theyre real accounts b/c i requested them a couple years ago when they were in college and then t... Read More »

Facebook is it just full of people pretending to have loads of fun and friends?

Yes I agree with you, and thanks to the answer that you gave me on how to get rid of it, Best Answer coming your way !!!Best wishes and again many thanksR

In Facebook is it possible to have a new "group" of people who aren't your "friends"?

People can join your group, they cannot see your personal profile unless they are your friends. You will be listed as an officer of the group, and they probably can send a friend request to you. ... Read More »

On Friends For Sale (Facebook), how do I search for people I'm not friends with?

The easiest way would probably be to just become friends with them first. Type their name in the "Search" bar on the left side above your "Applications" window. If they are going by that name on Fa... Read More »