Why do people have so many problems with laptops?

Answer Because there are alot of cheap brands out there that use cheap parts....also people expect them to perform like PCs, they are more likely to overheat which over time will wreak internals = especia... Read More »

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Why do all new Laptops come with Vista now when so many people still prefer XP?

because vista is the new thing and everyones supposed to like it when no one does and they really want xp but they pulled it from the market now cuz they hate all of us and they want us to be stuck... Read More »

Just out of interst how many people are having problems with yahoo?

There were severe power outages in Silicon Valley, CA where many web hosting groups have their servers (including Yahoo) Microsoft was also affected but they have a complete back up center on the e... Read More »

How can people have problems with copyright infringement on youtube?

The date and time of an upload is not proof whatsoever in Copyright ownership.You would have to prove [if needs be] in a Dispute Court with indisputableevidence that you own the original Copyright.... Read More »

Problems With Hibernation in HP Laptops?

No matter which model of HP laptop you own, battery life is a big issue. Hibernation mode is designed to increase the battery life of your HP laptop by switching off the monitor, hard drive and oth... Read More »