Why do people moan about 25 mile commute to work xD?

Answer I like a good drive myself, but after dealing with bad drivers more and more, it's not fun anymore.

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Why do people moan constantly about other peoples spelling?

No, as long as the person READING the question knows what it means, that is all that counts. Otherwise, no communication has taken place.

What car for a 3 mile commute each day?

Assuming insurance isn't too much of an issue (low mileage, rural area, you don't sound like a teenager) then I'd go for a big old saloon like a BMW 5 series or a Volvo or Saab etc... Most people a... Read More »

Which car would you recommend for an 80 mile a day commute?

fiat cinquento just so you can shout 'bus wankerrs'

What car would best suit a 100 mile a day commute?

I'd go for a Diesel Focus in your position. Personally I don't like Diesels but for that sort of mileage it would make sense. The Focus is quite a decent drive even with the tractor engine, the oth... Read More »