Why do people moan about 25 mile commute to work xD?

Answer I like a good drive myself, but after dealing with bad drivers more and more, it's not fun anymore.

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What car for a 3 mile commute each day?

Assuming insurance isn't too much of an issue (low mileage, rural area, you don't sound like a teenager) then I'd go for a big old saloon like a BMW 5 series or a Volvo or Saab etc... Most people a... Read More »

Which car would you recommend for an 80 mile a day commute?

fiat cinquento just so you can shout 'bus wankerrs'

What car would best suit a 100 mile a day commute?

I'd go for a Diesel Focus in your position. Personally I don't like Diesels but for that sort of mileage it would make sense. The Focus is quite a decent drive even with the tractor engine, the oth... Read More »

90 mile round trip commute on a Vespa PX125?

"Safe" -- others will say that a scooter is unsafe, period. I am a full time rider and I know that a bike is safer than a cage -- smaller, more agile, no blind spots, capable of avoiding hazards t... Read More »