Why do sky lie when it comes to the broadband?

Answer They are neither lying or screwing anyone.Chances are that the cause of the problem is the wiring within your house.Disconnect ALL extension wiring from the Master Socket then connect the router to... Read More »

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BT is a disgrace..When you buy broadband you get through in 5 mins. When you want to cancel your broadband....?

Part of several customer service roles is to arrange sales of different products. The whole premise is now [Expletive Deleted]. We should storm the corporations and burn their customer relations de... Read More »

I have Broadband. Any ideas why, when a telephone call is made or received, it cuts off my Broadband?

You haven't got a ADSL micro filter fitted to the telephone(s).

How do u know when it's a scam when it comes to publishing?

Are they paying you or are you paying them? If you are paying them then it's a vanity publisher that accepts anyone who pays for their own books and you won't get into any bookstores or have any ma... Read More »

Have expired Norton Anti Virus on screen but cannot install free norton which comes with broadband. Help!?

Forget Norton!!! Norton is lousy & crap. Uninstall it and download a better antivirus software.Here are three very good & free antivirus softwares, but ONLY install one (and uninstall Norton befo... Read More »