Why do some people on Facebook feel compelled to tell us when they're having a cup of tea?

Answer lol I so agree I hate those status too so boringggg as if we care, another when they tell what the weather is doing ...doh we know is raining, snowing etc

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Why do some people feel compelled to hide their forum questions from specific others?

several reasons-1. they don't want people to read their previous questions as they don't want to be judged2. they don't like people's answers,even if they are truthful, so they block them-it's happ... Read More »

When I park my car on a deserted beach why do other drivers feel compelled to park next to me.?

LOL !! LOL !! I notice this too. People will sit next to youon the subway (when the car is completely empty), or howeveryone in the store or resturant decides to check out atthe same time - if ... Read More »

Can people tell when you last logged onto Facebook?

People would only know if they clicked on the bit at the bottom of the page. When I'm online on Facebook it says how many of my contacts are online but I don't always click it to see who is actual... Read More »

How would you feel/act if you saw some people whispering in front of you?

I would feel as though they were gossiping about me. I have anxiety though so this is the way that I perceive things. Next time they do this, maybe you and your co workers could do the same thing a... Read More »