Why do some people put personal stuff on their facebook wall and then blame fbook for everything ?

Answer One word sums it up really = Morons!As if anyone is really that interested in a quarter of the crap that gets posted up!

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Why do fat people blame McDonalds etc for their problem?

fatty food is more addictive then heroin, it has been proven. you should try it some time. lol

Do sales people try to con people outside of work in their personal lives?

Yes, sometimes. But every human being does that at some time or another..

How do you delete everything on yout facebook wall?

The 'x' box isn't visible all the time. If you put your cursor just to the right of the message you want to delete, the box will appear.Then you can edit, delete, whatever.....You heve to do it for... Read More »

Why do some white people look down on coloured people, and then lie in the sun or a sunbed to get a tan?

i look down on them but ive never had a tan in my life.I'm proud of my porcelin skin thanks