Why do some people put personal stuff on their facebook wall and then blame fbook for everything ?

Answer One word sums it up really = Morons!As if anyone is really that interested in a quarter of the crap that gets posted up!

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Facebook; are the people under your friends list on your profile the people who visit your wall most?

it's based on interaction as explained here

On Facebook can other people see what someone has written on your wall?

You can set your privacy levels and if there is someone in particular that you don't want to see your wall, you can customize it. Next to your name at the top right corner there is a button for se... Read More »

How to Fix My Facebook Wall So That People Can Write on It?

Facebook's numerous privacy and account settings can be overwhelming to new users who are unfamiliar with the policies and layout of the website. If you are concerned about your privacy, you can tw... Read More »

How can i stop people from writing on my wall on facebook?

Here is the link to change your timeline settings:… (first item)It sucks for now that it's either ALL friends could post on it, or NONE of em (but you lol)... Read More »