Why do we have to type www when EVERY web address has these letters?

Answer You don't have to... for example:you can type:www.cox.comor and the "www" is automatically entered not always..If you have Google Toolbar, you can just type "Cox" it'll take you there..(Cox... Read More »

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On myspace, when someone requests me, they have to type my email address but i dont?

you can find that option on :edit profile>account settings>spamyou will see the options below on that page and you should be good from there :)

What type of ppl do u picture when u hear these names?

. Joey - eastenders. Matt - a chubby boy . Kyle - a tramp. Kai - a ladies man. Trey - birmingham accent. Kris - pothead . Shaun - good boy tryna fit it. Lee - playa. Jay - wife beater. Ellie - good... Read More »

My computer takes for every to boot up these days even though I do maintenance every week?

MSConfig can be used for this purpose as mentioned. However a program called autoruns is a far better it here:-…Having said that, unless yo... Read More »

Getting blue screen every other time i turn on my computer and I get these 2 beeps every 1 hour.?

Problem with the Ram . Remove the rams , Clean it , put it back . If you have two sticks, try one at a time to check if another one has gone bad