Why does BT have such a crap internet service ?

Answer It's one of the great mysteries of the universe.The other one is why so many people STILL pay them for it.

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Crap, crap, and nothing but more crap. I am getting so tired of being crapped on.?

Sam, from your question and details your frustrations are obvious and understandable. Although you have vented a lot of negative feelings, you do end on what I think is a little more upbeat note b... Read More »

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Do internet service providers check deleted internet history?

Deleting internet history only occurs on your computer/laptop or whatever!Other than that ANY ISP is required by Law to KEEP a recordof all your internet activity for up to a period of 5 years.Othe... Read More »

internet service provider?

http://www.theanswerb.../Question1162981.htmlThis may help but it doesn't explain the detail regarding circumstances, just the general principles Apologies, there already seems to be a similar ques... Read More »