Why does a Windows XP installation keep restarting itself?

Answer You're on the right track. Only remove the Windows CD when you see the PC is going to reboot - you have 15 seconds. Wait until you are prompted before re-loading the disc. If you have to install dr... Read More »

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How do I stop Windows XP Restarting?

Sounds like you have a short somewhere. The USB, when connected, is sending a short to the motherboard and makes it reboot the PC. If you have multiple USB connections, try a different one.

Blue dead screen windows 7.Help me please my computer keeps restarting itself?

Any way you can run in safe mode or something? I was looking for myself and it seems that its something to do with your hardware. Check if all your drivers are up to date and stuff, that's if you c... Read More »

The computer that I am working on has a problem of just restarting just befor it loads windows?

Clean the cd , do a clean install and unhook any unnecessary external pc parts leaving only the mouse and keyboard, and if you have a intergrated graphic card and a discrete graphic card , take... Read More »

I keep getting Windows could not complete the installation. To install Windows on this computer, restart the?

what OS ? can't help you without that and win 7 when you got it told you to back up ur OS . if that is what you have