Why does a Windows XP installation keep restarting itself?

Answer You're on the right track. Only remove the Windows CD when you see the PC is going to reboot - you have 15 seconds. Wait until you are prompted before re-loading the disc. If you have to install dr... Read More »

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Why does my computer keep restarting itself?

Possible heat issue, its called blue screen of death.Do your laptop has an old battery, try to take it out and if problem persists, you must check if the processor fan is spinning, it might need to... Read More »

Why does my internet explorer keep shutting down then restarting itself?

Could be the google toolbar is causing problems, go to add/remove programs and uninstall it.

Blue dead screen windows 7.Help me please my computer keeps restarting itself?

Any way you can run in safe mode or something? I was looking for myself and it seems that its something to do with your hardware. Check if all your drivers are up to date and stuff, that's if you c... Read More »

Why Does My DirecTV DVR Keep Restarting?

The satellite television company DirecTV offers a variety of channels through its receiver boxes, including DVR types. Like any electronic device, DVRs can develop issues that cause them to constan... Read More »