Why does everyone have a Facebook?

Answer I had a Facebook account, my friends forced me to get one. I never go on there, because I honestly don't give a crap about other peoples lives other than my friends; especially those fools who post... Read More »

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Why does Facebook accuse everyone of spam for sending friend requests?

Maybe you have added alot of people before that have ignored your request or marked u as a stranger?Or maybe you was sending out invites to many people at once?The only time I ever gotten a warning... Read More »

Do you panic when everyone else seems to have hundreds of friends on facebook, and...?

Panic?More like relieved.. juggling that many people is a pain.

What tattoos does everyone have If any?

I have a simple black heart on my back right shoulder blade.I have a black elaborate butterfly on my lower waist, right above my tush.I have a rose on the left side of my left ankle.

How many credit cards does everyone have?

In my name, none.In my partners name, 3. They are all empty however, we pay the balance off on the one we use occasionally in full every month.