Why does my Internet speeds vary from morning to night (Using 3 Broadband).?

Answer Your internet connection is provided over a cell network. As usage in your area increases (prime time is afternoon and evening), you may see your available bandwidth drop - possibly considerably.I ... Read More »

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Do BT lie about their broadband speeds?

That's really bad - these are almost dial-up speeds. Do you live far from the exchange?

What does the QOS Packet Scheduler do in regards to broadband speeds?

I have never used but assume that it will make a certain number of tries when there is a problem with the service to make that it is not a temporary problem and report the error.In your particular ... Read More »

Why is it that my broadband speeds varies. It should be 2Mb some times its 0,4mb.?

I'm afraid that's to be expectedthe isp's are for-profit organisations. So they're going to try to make the most of the resources they have.their resources are network traffic. Your requirements ar... Read More »

What can I do about my woeful broadband speeds on Virgin Media?

Your using ADSL so you wont get it. That was an upgrade for fibre optic cable users and the new standard.