Why does my broadband hub keep stopping and starting?

Answer Are you who have answered within the same geographical area? Over the last 2 days certain areas have gone digital, and there has been outages, why don't you google it or look at service reports fo... Read More »

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BSA 250 stopping after 10 seconds after starting?

If you're sure the carb side is fine it must be electrics, do you have a on/off switch fitted? then have a look at the terminals inside the switch, if they're rusted the contacts will be on the off... Read More »

How do I No if My Rover 200 Immobiliser is Stopping My Car From Starting?

You just have to check if you have turned the Rover 200 immobiliser on or off. Most people forget to turn off the immobiliser when attempting to start off their car.

Why do youtube videos keep stopping and starting every 4-5 seconds?

Maybe your interents slow, press the video, stop it, then wait untill the red line is half way, then you can watch it properly

Why do the videos on YouTube keep stopping and starting when I try to watch them?

It's probably your internet connection causing the video to play faster than it's downloading, causing it to pause or buffer.