Why does my broadband internet keep cutting out?

Answer You don't mention what Broadband service you're using, and whether it's Cable,DSL, fiber optic, Satellite, etc, so any help I can be will be limited by this.If you're using Cable and you have a Mot... Read More »

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Why does my broadband keep cutting when?

Is your computer upstairs? Are you running an extension for your router? Is it wireless?The reason I say this is my parents had the same problem and it was caused by the 'inferior' extension they r... Read More »

Why does my Internet keep cutting off!?

Hi George sorry you have internet problems. The main course when this problem accrues in the microfilters. Try changing all your microfilters (you can get them from poundland or £2.50 from asda).I... Read More »

Why does my car keep cutting out?

This happened in parts of London where car engine management computers were being affected by radio transmitters. Is there one near where it cuts out?As you used "Dual carriageway" you must be in t... Read More »

Why does my bike keep cutting out?

There are only three things that could cause this to happen (1) fuel starvation partial filter blockage wrong Type of fuel dirt in system water in fuel (2) electrical ignition defective condenser ... Read More »