Why does my computer keep sutting dow on its own then starts up again?

Answer been suffering a similar problem myself, spoke to an IT guy i know, says it may be a power problem, (need new supply) or processor overheating (may need new cooler)? gonna get him to check mine, h... Read More »

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Computer i was cleaning the inside of my computer it starts OK on monitor it says no signal?

Sounds as if you have loosened one or both of the plugs on the video cable that feeds your monitor while you have been shifting things around. Make sure they are both securely seated, then reboot y... Read More »

When my son is using his computer it shuts down and starts up by it self, what causes this,?

I don't know but I thought I'd just add it happens to me too ..usually right in the middle of something extensive and I haven't had chance to save anything... it could be ... something overheating ... Read More »

Computer starts then beeps then turns off?…

Computer turns off few seconds after it starts to load?

Reseat the CPU.The header pins that you use for the power and reset headers should be color coded. They should be shown in the MB manual. Make sure you have then on right.I have had problems simi... Read More »