Why does my computer keep sutting dow on its own then starts up again?

Answer been suffering a similar problem myself, spoke to an IT guy i know, says it may be a power problem, (need new supply) or processor overheating (may need new cooler)? gonna get him to check mine, h... Read More »

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Computer starts then beeps then turns off?…

My defrag never stops it gets to 3% then starts again i have been trying to speed up my PC ?

If you go here > download Defraggler it's a lot better than the OS's one.I would suggest to you do a scan disc to see if you have any bad sectors in the drive.Open My Com... Read More »

My friends computer turns itself off and then on again?

hi mate windows will tuen itself off when theres a problem with hardware such as overheating or driver issues however you can stop the restarts by right clicking "my computer">pr... Read More »

When watching videos on youtube the video will keep stopping for a few seconds then start again. any help thx?

If you are on a highspeed connection And downloading stuff at the same time, that could be the problem. If your computer doesn't have a very good graphics card or processor then that could be the ... Read More »