Why does my computer mouse keep freezing?

Answer To be honest it could be a few things, but here's a go. First step is to learn some hotkeys on your keyboard so you dont loose anymore info. Pressing ALT Usually gives you access to the menu (File/... Read More »

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Why does the mouse on my PC keep freezing?

In mostly ALL cases, this is caused by adware and spyware. The only other way this is possible is if you have a script running in the background, which, would most likely seem to be a virus, adwar... Read More »

My mouse keeps freezing?

Does anyone no how to stop a freezing mouse?

1. If it is a wireless mouse, put in fresh batteries.2. If it is a cord mouse that has a rubber ball underneath, remove the plastic cover, take out the ball and clean any lint from the rollers. Rep... Read More »

My computer wont recognise mouse and cant reboot cant turn of without mouse help?

Do a Ctrl+Alt+DeleteUse the Tab key to move around until Shut Down is selectedHit EnterThe PC should shut downSwap the mouseReboot